Common symptoms of a “Ratchet”:

  • You have tattoos all over your face, thighs, and breast
  • You are the loudest person in the room
  • You go to the club wearing all fake Gucci or Louis Vuitton
  • Your nails have food brand logos on them
  • Your hair is bright green,yellow,pink,blue, red etc…
  • You are “bout dat life”
  • You have all six of your baby daddy’s name tattooed on your body
  • You walk in the club barefoot
  • You child barely has school supplies and clothes but you spend over $200 for weave
  • You buy groceries in your pajamas
  • You try to get a modeling contract through instagram
  • You do headstands while shaking your ass
  • You say “Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyye” when your song comes on in the club
  • You claim you are thick, when you are actually just fat
  • You have a different lace front for every day of the week

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